Servants of the Countercosmos

by Wode

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amorphisgarden A fantastic, dark, energetic piece of black metal with Atmospheric elements to it. Just over 30 min, but a lot of metal here. No filler, just great metal.
Metal Soliloquy
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Metal Soliloquy Raw and aggressive but stylistically and compositionally versatile Black Metal with rousing riffs and drumming and relentless throat ripping vocals. The adventurous songwriting makes the album more varied and interesting but at the same time more coherent and compact than the debut.
From the atmospheric intro to the acoustic guitar outro the album takes you on a highly entertaining and brilliantly written musical journey through everything we love about Black Metal (or extreme Metal in general).
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Hux Magisterial album. But "Chaosspell" is legitimately one of the best songs I've ever heard. Succeeds as a self-contained dynamo in its own right. Brilliant work, lads. Favorite track: Chaosspell.
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Released by Avantgarde Music in an edition of 500 LPs (400 on black / 100 on oxblood red) and 1000 digipack CDs.

'Barely a year after spellbinding the underground with their self-titled debut, Wode’s follow-up ‘Servants of the Countercosmos’ ventures into the farthest reaches of the unknown with 6 songs channelling the chaos, brutality and fury of the Inverted Cosmic Order. Immediately recognisable not just for their heavy-metal take on traditional black metal but also for their spirit of evil invention, ‘Servants…’ sees Wode’s palette broaden further still, with a matrix of black and death metal, dark electronics and acoustic passages giving fullest expression to the Ancient English Madness from which they take their name. Wilfully out-of-step with the ebb and flow of extreme music trends, Wode’s latest album shows their vision of metal’s outer limits to be singular, sepulchral and sharper than ever: it is COUNTERCOSMOS.'


released May 23, 2017

M. Czerwoniuk - Vocals, Guitar & Synths
T. Horrocks - Drums, Guitar & Keys
E. Troup - Bass Guitar
K. Sveinsson - Guitar & Synths

Recorded and Mixed by Joe Clayton at Nø Studio
Additional Recording by Karl Sveinsson
Mastered at Audiosiege by Brad Boatright
Cover Painting by Mitchell Nolte
Acoustic Guitar on 'Undoing' by Lord Beastwinder-Hell



all rights reserved


Wode Manchester, UK


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Track Name: Crypt of Creation
Come forth to take the crown
On barren plane
Triumphant flame
Miasmic lands of the dead
Burning nation in silence
Shrouds fall to reveal...
The Sea of Tranquility
Rolling on the shores of entropy
The mask is slipping down
Iniquity abounds
Until the end
Passing through the ancient tomb
Of form and void
Black asteroid
Countercosmic fire
Galaxies conspire
And at the heart of it all...
Voices stricken down
Fear is avowed
Until the end
Hypnotic eye of a dying star
Ancient bonds torn asunder
The light of nature cannot speak
It buildeth shapes in sleep
And through these dreams I walk alone
A path forever known
Birthed from the fire
The inner Lumen Naturae
Unconscious bonds creating worlds within worlds
Mother, the moon is dancing
In the courtyard of the dead
Below the great divide
The abyss swells
All souls drown in the depths of the world
They drift beyond the ashen sea
As the light starts to fade
The inner light burns deeper still
Sempiternal, strange compulsion of the stars
Summoning the flame
Of psychic fragmentation and absolute despair
The sleeper must awaken or dwell forever there
Where sulphur shall rain down upon the endless burning ocean
The eyes of the world become a feast for the vultures
Psychic divide
Thy kingdom in vain
Transcending death
Summoning the flame
Track Name: Celestial Dagger
Rain fire!
Emerge from the endless cosmic graves
Through gas giant plumes of sulphur
Godhead alignment
Heaven’s blade
Deformed and dreadful
Severed Algol
Celestial dagger
Terminate galaxies
Pierce through the heart of the void
Storm heaven
Ride, divide and conquer
Born under a black sun
Malignant solar tides
Infinite aeons Merge! Collide!
Spiralling down
From Andromeda’s Red-Shift
You will rain spears of lightning
Through Jovanian dreamwinds
Disseminate Death! Eradicate!
The stars shall flicker and fall
As the abyss utters his name
Behold the god of war
Glorious halo of flame
Down in flames - from the point of creation
Astral screams - coronal eruption
Saturn’s rings - disintegration
Ares reaps - at the edge of destruction
Ride, divide and conquer
Track Name: Temple Interment
Black flames to sanctify the horde in the night sky
You will remain amongst the bones and bracken
Temple Interment
The vessel is concealed
Through the unseen eye
Distant realms revealed
From the bloodstones
Hear cries for salvation
Mirrored gateways
Old paths forgotten
Swarming chaos in the depths of the edifice
Entangled and clawing in darkness
Visceral void
A journey through the unknown
Eden destroyed by weight of perpetual horror
Bloodied and broken
On twisted limbs you crawl
Where ghostly vapours scale the labyrinth wall
Arcane rites and secrets untold
What horror lurks beyond the threshold?
Graves dance as the serpents coil – spiral ascension
Beneath this earthly soil – ouroboros resurrection
Awaken in agony – from the womb of the world
Bonded by alchemy – abhorrent and absurd
Faithful servants of the Great Host
Transmutation of the Holy Ghost
What dismal forces lead you to the altar of despair?
Trial by fire
The great unknown
The vessel corrupted and death you face alone
Darkness permeates all
Silver tongues torn out
The axis turning inward
Below the inner sanctum
Track Name: Servants of the Countercosmos
There is a voice which cannot be heard
A certain sound that knows no bounds
Born within us and burning beyond
The circumference of the stars
A sickness that cannot be seen
Penetrates spectral wounds
A symphony of agony
Spreading forth like the roots that trace the ground
Eternal spirit’s eternal re-creation
The sands of time shift and decline
Angels sing of the wretched and divine
Where the serpent reigns and swallows the sun
To consume a Eucharist of poison
Twilight plane
A violet domain
Phantoms loom in the sky above the empire of ashes
There is a world behind the veil
A liminal frequency of thoughts
At the point where the synapses fail
And flicker in the dark as distant stars
Eternal void at the centre of creation
The door is opened once again
False horizon
Morning star
The wind is calling from afar
While the path ascends
Dead hands extend
Through the curtain
To beyond
Track Name: Chaosspell
Doorway of darkness
On tides I awake from sleep
Moving silent and unseen
Strange companion
A lethal and seductive light
Emanating from the deep
As I walk down familiar hallways
In the dark night of the soul
Suspended in a mirror
Entranced by the black hole
The ocean glimmers violently
An abyss within us all
On night of nights we sanctify
Great triumph of the fall...
From grace
An unbroken line
Unyielding nocturne
Unerring time
Dark matter surrounds me
Our beings entwined
The serpent snakes its path across the eternal sky
Echoing forth from a dream within a dream
They call – the restless undead – unknown and unseen
As the tempest devours the light of the world
Cast away chains of sciolism
Embrace the knowledge of distant ones
The lonely void
Cold and indifferent
Cadavers spiral on
Into the gaping maw they fall as comets
Burning through heaven’s gate
Where souls hang by a silver thread
Behold the sickness of the spheres
The dark earth spins with the living and the dead
Echoing forth on ancient tides of outer darkness
O Godde§§, wreathed in emeralde flame
The scriptures bear your name
Pale reflection
Your countenance betrayed
Dark wisdom
Unfettered through the eternal age
Return to celestial silence once again
Bound at the edge of Empyrean
They suffer until the end
In darkness
Through doorways of death
And oceans of emptiness
The restless undead call out from the depths...
Track Name: Undoing